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Home Henna powder, 100 gr.

Henna powder, 100 gr.

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Henna powder, 100 gr. with almond, coconut and bhringraj, 60 ml.

Natural cosmetic product that hydrates hair, restores radiance and density

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Henna powder, 100 gr.
Henna powder, 100 gr.

Henna powder, 100 gr.





Indian henna with excellent quality, super finely divided and without any additives.

Natural henna is dust from the plant Lawsonia Inermis. She colored hair reddish tones; exact color is determined by the natural color of hair and personality, the presence of white hair, the selected recipe. In combination with other herbs - indigo, cassia, Amla - henna is the basis for receipt of brown and black tones or just a slight tinge and overall warming of color. Besides giving color, natural henna has healing and nourishing effect; for use hair will stay shiny, powerful and alive. Henna works well against dandruff and other skin problems.

Ingredients (INCI): Lawsonia Inermis

Does not contain p-phenylenediamine, metal salts or other additives.

Method of administration

Option 1: Universal recipe for saturated color - henna mixed with optional liquid (hot water, chamomile tea, lemon juice, orange juice, red wine) to the consistency of porridge, cover and let stand 2 to 12 hours until the separated color. You can tell when ready: The surface will darken and you rub the inside of the wrist, after half a minute, the skin will turn orange. The hair is divided into strands and smeared generously with the mixture, cover with plastic cap and towel, and leave the hair from 2 to 8 hours. Wash thoroughly with water; Apply more conditioner for easy washing.

For faster separation of color, as well as colder tones less red shades in recipes with henna and indigo - and add 2-3 tablespoons Amla in the mix with henna.

For short hair use 50-100 grams. Henna; hair to his shoulders - 100 g .; long hair - 200 g.

Expected result: at fair hair - bright rufous color; with brown hair - saturated dark red color; with black hair - no color change; faint tint of sunlight.

Option 2: Mask of henna - minimal change in hair color; highly nourishing effect. Use 2 tablespoons henna, mix with liquid of choice, and leave the court 20 min. to several hours. If you add cassia, mix it in a separate container, leave it to stand, and add to the finished henna. Dilute the mixture with more hair conditioner - ¼ to ½ cup. Apply the hair evenly, cover with a plastic cap and a towel and leave - the minimum change in color - 20-30 minutes. Wash thoroughly with water.

Expected result: at fair hair - strawberry blond; with brown hair - warm brown color; with very dark hair - without discoloration.

It is possible to mix henna with cassia, indigo and / or Amla to achieve different shades - even dark maroon and black! Look at the table of colors.

Natural shampoos and conditioners can help to revitalize the hair and scalp from damage caused by the use of traditional store-bought products. Of course, these traditional products are the most affordable to buy, are cheaper, but when it comes to what is good for you and your health should not compromise with you!
Using traditional shampoos and poses great risks to your health.
All harmful chemicals contained in them, can lead to the development of cancer and other serious diseases. Organic shampoos and conditioners can be easily accessible and often they have a minimum price difference compared to traditional brands.
Using organic shampoos and conditioners, you are helping the environment as residual biodegradable substances go down the drain as presenting no danger to the surrounding world.

Take care of your health, use natural products, combine them with yoga practicemeditation and ayurvedic massages, and will significantly improve their lifestyle by returning its natural life balance.

You can find this and many other products from the series Sri Sri Ayurveda as well as on our website, and also stores the Centers for Happiness Art of Living.

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