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Satsang Book with all popular bhajans and chantings. Free Satsang CD inside.
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Satsang Book with Satsang CD inside which, you can sing along with your favorite singers in full throttle.There are various aspects of Satsang CDs - 1st You can have satsang at your home in your groups with your favorite singers - like you can have Satsang with Bhanu Didi, Vikram Hazra, Dr Manikantan, Sachin Limaye etc at your home. Sing along the Satsang with great singers of Art of Living and enjoy the best of Satsang 2nd you can always be with the ecstasy of satsang when you are alone, working, travelling, driving etc 3rd - you can learn satsang with help of this, as Book and CD both would help you understand the poetry, rhythm, flow and melody of songs. 4th - you always have the access to the best of Art of art of Living Satsang - We have emphasized on heritage of AOL satsang starting with Ganeh Bhajans, Devi Bhajans, Shiv Bhajans, Krishna Bhajans and ending with beautiful Jai Jai Radha Raman.................. Isn't it a vibrant experience of satsang in its best possible form available for all of us ?