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Satwa The Ayurvedic Cook Book

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Easy Ayurvedic Recipes by Kaushani Desai
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Satwa The Ayurvedic Cook Book
Satwa The Ayurvedic Cook Book
According to Ayurveda, India's ancient science of life, food plays a pivotal role in health and longevity. A balanced diet is one of the key Ayurvedic tools for promoting good health. That is why in Ayurveda, food is considered to be medicine. Ayurvedic cooking methods help people to have an idea about what to eat and the right way of eating food. It not only suggests the types of food to be had, but gives enormous details about proper nutrition, proper food combinations, food choices, food timings and also cooking methods. Kaushani Desai, Art of Living teacher teaches Ayurvedic cooking across the world. In this book she puts forth exciting and delicious Ayurvedic dishes and also gives a detailed account of how Ayurvedic cooking helps boost our health. She has completely changed the concept that healthy food is boring and bland. Kaushani's recipes are healthy, quick to make and yet absolutely mouth watering. This book is a must have for every family! Happy Healthy Cooking!